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Originally inspired by the beach combing finds & natural textures, seen on childhood beach holidays to North Devon. Hannah has developed her unique Rockpool & Barnacle style over the years using a range of different jewellery & silver smithing techniques. 


Hi there, I'm Hannah! Thanks for stopping by my website, I hope you get a chance to look around and hopefully find some of your new favourite jewellery pieces!

I've always loved making things and ended up studying BA (hons) Glass, Ceramics, Jewellery & Metalwork at UCA Farnham. During my time there I got to experiment with loads of different techniques across all of the material areas. Jewellery was my favourite, so I chose to focus on that for my last two years. I graduated with a first class degree in Jewellery & have continued to make and sell jewellery ever since.  

My work is inspired by a range of things such as nature and my surroundings and textures I have seen and recreated in my own way.

I am also a keen houseplant enthusiast & hope to add a house plant and cuttings section to the website soon too. As well as this, eventually I plan to include homeware, gifts and jewellery display products.

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